Anyone can buy a property in Spain and the process is very easy. You only need a NIE (Identification Number for Foreigners) and a bank account in Spain (with enough money of course !).


To get this identification number, the easiest way to get it at the National Police Office in Tenerife. We just have to fill in a form, provide a copy of Passport or ID card and pay a tax of  9,35€ (subject to change). You can also get one in any spanish consulate abroad.

Bank Account

Even if you don’t have to have one to buy a property in Spain, it is more than recommended to have it before hand to reduce the costs ( you don´t have to transfer the money to a solicitor or the notary so they don’t charge you for their service). Your spanish bank will easily provide you the bank checks you need to buy the property and you will be able to domiciliate the payments of the taxes and fees you will have in the future ( electricity, water, comunity and taxes).


At Home Finder Tenerife, we always guide you step by step during the while process so an agent can come with you to help on these matters.