When we decide to put our property on the market, this is what we all want, to sell as quickly as possible and at the best price possible. Here are a few tips for that :

1. Price

The price has to be aligned with the market. This is why a valuation is crucial. If you put your property in a higher price, you will probably not get any viewings, that will result in no sale. If you underestimate your house, it will probably be sold quickly but without getting the best amount possible, there are other ways to attract than a low price, keep reading !

2. Pictures

Nowadays, with Internet, clients may look at thousands of properties on Internet. There are so many marketplaces that they will probably skip most of best properties just because the 1st picture is not appealing. Make sure you or your agency take profesional pictures to promote your property as well as possible.

3. Presentation

During the photoshoot and for the visits, the house has to be clean and organised with the maximum light possible. All curtains opened, take all the post-its and magnets of the fridge, put all children toys in a box… it may sound too much but it affects the way people look at your house and its space.

4. Availability for viewings

This is probably the most critical point in some cases. People usually don’t buy a property they haven’t seen. Try to be available and if you have a busy agenda, inform your agent of your availability to make sure you don’t loose a visit. In Tenerife, most of buyers are foreigners on holiday and are here on a short period, so try to be available or let a key at the agency. Also, in some cases, you may want to rent the property before it gets sold but most of the time, tenants won’t let an easy access for viewings and won’t have the house prepared.

5. Follow the process 

Agents usually inform the owners after each visit of how it went, what the potential buyers thought about your property, the things they liked / loved /disliked. If they don’t, do not hesitate to ask them as you should be aware of how people see your property and on which points you or the the agent  could work on to sell the house.

6. Listen and be open to offers

The 1st offer is usually the best offer… Remember buyers always try to negociate a little bit. Do you remember when you bought that property ? Well, it will be the same. If the property stays on the market for a long time, clients will think you may be desperate to sell and low offers will arrive, so try to stay open for offers at the beggining, which doesn’t mean you have to accept everything.

7. Make sure your house is PROMOTED

You can have the best house in the best location at the best price but if it results impossible to know it, it won’t sell. To maximise the chances to sell quickly and well, you need to make sure that all potential buyers will know and see your property. How ? It makes no sense to give your property to all agencies because 1 – you won’t remember who is who and it will result impossible to control the process 2- your property will be marketed at different price (just have a look on Internet we bet you can find same property at 3 different prices) 3- no agency will invest time and money knowing that all their competitors can sell it. So, we recommend to find an agreement with 1 or 2 trusted agents who will work hard to sell your property and will invest time and money to sell it. It is important that they prepare a complete sales folder to send to other agencies to make sure everyone has the same information and you will then have access to all agents but in relation with 1 who will be responsible for the sale.


No matter how you decide to market your property, remember the property is yours and you decide how you want things get done. If you take control of the process, there is no reason why your property won’t get sold, you only need 1 buyer !